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Senior Product Manager (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning)

Marina del Rey, CA
Mid-Senior level

Role: AI/ML with Generative AI

Location: Malvern, PA/ Charlotte, NC- HYBRID

Duration : Long Term Contact

Core skills:

  • Strong Python skills including libraries like LangChain, LangIndex, PyTorch, SageMaker SDK, psycopg2
  • Experience with Docker and AWS ECR
  • Strong AWS experience with with the following services:
  • Bedrock
  • SageMaker
  • IAM
  • Glue
  • S3
  • Lambda
  • CodeCommit and CodePipeline
  • Experience creating quick apps using Streamlit, NodeJS, or some other app framework
  • Education and or experience in developing NLP models for text classification, completion, summarization, generation
  • Experience using embeddings models to create vector embeddings and working with vector databases
  • Understanding of RAG architecture, retrieval optimization, and tradeoffs of splitting methods
  • Familiarity with benchmarks for model evaluation and methods of determining vector similarity
  • Experience with scaling ML training workloads using distributed training techniques on GPU and/or developing microservices for AI/ML/GenAI products
  • Data Preprocessing and Analysis: Work with large-scale datasets, preprocess the data, and perform in-depth analysis to derive meaningful insights, patterns, and trends for AI model training.

Preferred candidates will have:

  • Real world experience fine-tuning models, methods of fine-tuning, and data preprocessing for fine-tuning
  • AWS Solutions Architect and or AWS Machine Learning Specialty certifications

Key informations

Posted 5 months ago

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