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Machine Learning Engineer

New Haven, CT
Entry level
As the leading global manufacturer of access solutions, ASSA ABLOY is committed to growth through innovation. As a Machine Learning Engineer, you will collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop advanced machine learning solutions.

We are looking for 3 to 5 years of experienced Machine Learning Engineer with a strong background in data science, machine learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Large Language Models (LLM) technology.

As a Machine Learning Engineer, you will lead our data-driven initiatives, focusing on developing advanced ML models, leveraging NLP techniques, and utilizing LLM technology to extract actionable insights from our diverse data sets.

What You Will Be Doing

  • Understanding business objectives and developing machine learning models aligned with these goals
  • Applying NLP techniques to extract meaningful information from unstructured text data
  • Utilizing Large Language Models (LLM) technology, such as ChatGPT, for advanced language understanding tasks
  • Leveraging traditional machine learning techniques including classification and regression algorithms for predictive modeling
  • Designing and implementing data preprocessing, feature engineering, and data augmentation strategies
  • Incorporating computer vision techniques using libraries like OpenCV for image analysis and processing
  • Training, fine-tuning, and optimizing machine learning models using TensorFlow, Keras, and other relevant frameworks
  • Evaluating model performance, identifying errors, and devising strategies for improvement
  • Collaborating with data engineers and data scientists to ensure seamless integration of machine learning solutions
  • Staying updated with the latest advancements in ML, data science, NLP, and LLM technology

What We Are Looking For

  • Strong proficiency in machine learning techniques, data science concepts, and statistical analysis
  • Deep understanding of NLP techniques and tools such as NLTK, spaCy, or other NLP libraries
  • Experience with Large Language Models (LLM) like ChatGPT for language understanding tasks
  • Knowledge of traditional machine learning algorithms including classification and regression techniques
  • Mastery of deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, Keras, and PyTorch
  • Advanced knowledge of Python programming and relevant libraries for ML and data science
  • Familiarity with computer vision techniques and libraries like OpenCV for image analysis
  • Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to optimize machine learning models for performance and scalability
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to collaborate effectively with diverse teams

Education And Experience

  • Master's degree in Computer Science, Data Science, Statistics, or a related field
  • Experience working on machine learning projects, particularly with NLP, LLM, and computer vision, is highly desirable
  • Knowledge of Azure or other cloud platforms is a bonus

What We Offer

We’re passionate about providing amazing opportunities and benefits, so that you can enjoy a lifelong career with us. We are proud to offer:

  • Continuous professional development opportunities and an environment that fosters internal growth and mobility
  • Competitive compensation and benefits package which includes multiple healthcare options, tuition reimbursement, and matching 401k
  • Generous holiday schedule and paid time off to refresh and recharge
  • Employee pricing on our products and discount programs for travel, entertainment, and more!

Join our dynamic team and be at the forefront of harnessing the power of ML, data science to drive innovation and deliver impactful solutions!

ASSA ABLOY is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Minorities/Females/Disabled/Veteran

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Posted 16 days ago

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