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Data Scientist

San Francisco Bay Area
Entry level


We’re building an AI-powered ad agency accessible to every marketer. Imagine an AI that combines Don Draper’s creative genius with the sophisticated data-backed approach of a hedge-fund manager. Such expertise is typically limited to the Coca-Colas of the world. By democratizing access to this powerful combination, we’ll help smaller brands stand toe-to-toe with industry titans, and help many more new brands in being created.

About us

Mad Men AI is a seed-stage AdTech x AI startup based in Burlingame, CA. Our co-founders, Aman Jain and Vinay Jain, have spent over a decade building Ad products on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. We raised $4.5m from top VCs and angels, including Wing, Patron, Samsung, Balaji, and many more.


As a founding data scientist on the team, your primary goal would be to help develop novel solutions to the problem of What makes a winning ad?. A creative strategist does This job manually, usually by inspecting tools like Facebook Ads Library with any technology or automation.

We are building a very novel solution to tackle this problem. We will start with a reporting product for key marketing decision-makers and, over time, leverage these insights to build creatives from scratch.

Our team has built an MVP for the AI Creative Strategist agent, but we need an expert to investigate and partner with our technical team to launch the product.

Your role


  • Experience analyzing large data sets to drive specific product outcomes
  • Experience working in scrappy data environments outside of Excel
  • Experience in data science to derive key insights that are both novel but important for clients
  • Experience working in teams to ship data-driven product experiences

Nice to haves

  • AdTech or AI Expertise: Past experience in AdTech and/or ML (especially Computer Vision) will help shorten the learning curve.

Why work with us?

  • Front row seats in an early-stage Gen-AI startup - This is the perfect role for those who want to work on the cutting-edge of Gen-AI, LLMs, and Computer Vision.
  • Accelerated Personal Growth - As a founding team member, you'll gain insight into the inner workings of a startup. This experience will be valuable if you ever decide to start your own company.
  • Tackle complex technical problems - We are solving a variety of fun and challenging problems daily, ranging from building our own Computer Vision models, fine-tuning LLMs, and training AI-agents.
  • Competitive compensation and benefits - We offer competitive Bay Area salary, generous equity, a vibrant early-stage company culture, and top benefits (more detail below).

Key informations

Posted 10 days ago

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