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CEO - AI Insurtech Venture

Tulsa, OK
Description We’re 19days, a problem-obsessed venture studio. Our latest venture (still in stealth) is taking aim at some of the biggest bugs in insurance. Much of how the industry currently operates is labor intensive, slow, frustrating for customers, and in various instances leaves both customers and service providers with out-of-pocket expenses for a time. We have validated a big opportunity is to build an AI workforce in insurance, and it is a far larger than most SaaS businesses because we are not going after the software budgets that make up 5% of costs, but rather the labor budgets that make up 30% of costs. We have done our deep dive on one line of business in particular where the status quo is impacting adoption and is resulting in excessive policy churn. Our discovery included numerous interviews, ethnographies, surveys with consumers, providers, subject matter experts in insurance and chief executives from leading insurance carriers. We’re in the midst of finalizing development partnerships with well-known insurance carriers to build a beginning-to-end agent with real-world insurance data and information. Our 19days venture studio is backed by its full-stack innovation partner Gitwit and collectively we already have measurable success in building and marketing practical, but game-changing, AI solutions in the health care and death care spaces. Behind this proven track record is a super resourceful team in all areas of launching and growing a business that will be at your disposal. The power of a venture studio is it enables the CEO to focus on the most important few things and use his or her specific strengths to drive progress and success. We are looking for a CEO to come lead the launch efforts, assemble your dedicated founding team, focus and guide product development, and establish more partnerships with carriers. Goals in the first year are to prove the product, recruit and delight initial customers, and complete the foundation work to build a massively scalable venture. Your mission as Chief Executive Officer… Build a rocket ship of a startup. Assemble your founding team (engineer and product SME) Drive the vision for how this company is going to revolutionize an industry Deeply understand the carriers operational process and guide the team to deliver a product that changes the way a customer does business by 4 delta “Stay in the weeds” in order to set clear priorities for your team and drive excellence in details and execution for a rapidly evolving technology doing a complex array of tasks Keep the team focused so we outperform other companies trying to innovate in this space Conquer one industry with an incredible AI agent and set the stage to move to another vertical Be the chief evangelist and story teller to investors, customers, and your team Qualifications An experienced builder: teams, products, and tech (experience in insurance is a plus) Possess product sensibility: know what customers want and are willing to pay for People-centered leadership: building a team through coaching, goal setting, and communication Past startup, innovation, or growth experience

Our ideal CEO is someone who: Excels at vision setting Exudes an “own it all” instead of a “know it all” mindset Moves fast and boldly with a sense of urgency Experiments, learns quickly, and adapts Gives and receives frequent feedback Is results-driven and ambitious Asks good questions that expose “the why” Benefits Competitive startup salary with options Excellent health and dental insurance with 99% of the employee premium paid by us 100% of life insurance Private and collaborative workspace at one of the coolest office buildings in Tulsa We find real problems, validate products, then rapidly build companies to give them a much greater chance for success. The 19days studio was built around the core belief that industry-changing solutions are born out of clear, focused, real world problems, and that the best venture studios are those that find the best problems, most efficiently. That’s exactly what we designed 19days to do. 19days is built upon Gitwit - a full-service marketing and product company with the complete team to innovate from 0 to 1. As CEO, you’ll have access to a 40+ person team composed of researchers, strategists, technologists, writers, designers, animators, data scientists, and engineers to rapidly build a successful venture. Gitwit is a full-service innovation company with the unique ability to rapidly create and transform products, brands, businesses, and causes. We are a 40+ person team composed of researchers, strategists, technologists, writers, designers, animators, data scientists, and engineers.

Because we have the team to create both products and communications, our speed and impact are greatly increased. Experiences and stories are never disconnected and weakened by the typical disjuncture between the two. With us, no time or insights are lost in hand offs or silos between separate teams or companies. Our culture is completely based on how creativity and innovation work. As a result, we unleash talented people to find better problems and solve them by generating a large quantity and diversity of ideas in a highly collaborative, no-bureaucratic-bullshit environment.

Organizations hire us to do what they can’t, which is to help new ideas achieve escape velocity and make a difference for the company and its customers -- instead of having them succumb to the usual pulls of organizational gravity such as politics, fear, and short attention spans. We get things off the ground and build momentum in organizations and the marketplace. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our community. Gitwit does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or military status.

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Posted 16 days ago

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