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AI/ML Engineer

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Entry level

AI/ML Engineer 

ClearML is a unified, open source platform for continuous machine learning (ML), trusted by forward-thinking Data Scientists, ML Engineers, DevOps, and decision makers at leading Fortune 500, enterprises, academia, and innovative start-ups worldwide. We enable customers to build continuous ML workflows -- from experiment management and orchestration through data management and scheduling, followed by provisioning and serving -- to achieve the fastest time to ML production, fastest time to value, and increased performance.

We help data science, ML engineering, and DevOps teams easily develop, orchestrate, and automate ML workflows at scale. Our frictionless, unified, end-to-end MLOps suite enables users and customers to focus on developing their ML code and automation, ensuring their work is reproducible and scalable. ClearML is trusted by brands such as NVIDIA, Philips, Samsung, Hyundai and Bosch. 

As a member of the machine Learning team at ClearML, you will have the opportunity to contribute to our mission of transforming the ML space -- bridging software, machine learning, and automation . Our team is focused on improving the customer experience of our MLOPs platform and tools through data-driven insights, research, and development.

By joining ClearML, you will have the chance to be a part of a dynamic team that is dedicated to advancing the field of machine learning and helping ML engineers train high-performing, fair, and reproducible models.


We are an open source end-to-end AI platform, built by developers for developers.

We're looking for a Machine Learning engineer to join our growing team. In this role, you will collaborate across our development and product teams and will have a chance to collaborate with our MLOPs experts working in the exciting areas of machine learning, deep learning, NLP, computer vision and DevOps. 

The ideal candidate will be an ML Engineer who wants to learn how to analyze large amounts of raw information to find patterns and use them to optimize model performance. You will work with our team to learn to build ML/DL data pipelines to extract valuable business insights, analyze trends, and help us make better decisions.

We expect you to be highly analytical with a knack for analysis, math, and statistics, and a passion for machine learning and research. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are also required.


  • Build scalable infrastructure for training, evaluating, and serving models
  • Research and analyze valuable data sources and automate processes
  • Perform preprocessing of structured and unstructured data
  • Review large amounts of information to discover trends and patterns
  • Create predictive models and machine-learning algorithms
  • Organize and present information using data visualization techniques
  • Develop and suggest solutions and strategies to business challenges
  • Work together with engineering and product development teams to build and test ML/DL solutions stretching the entire spectrum of ML operationalization from data processing, model training, hyperparameter tuning, deployment, and model management.


  •  2+ years of machine learning experience to include building production-grade machine learning models in industry /research settings
  • Strong programming skills in Python and deep-learning  
  • Experience building end-to-end scalable ML infrastructure with on-premise / cloud platforms.
  • Familiar with Kubernetes and/or similar container system
  • Strong math and analytical skills, with business acumen
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Good problem-solving abilities
  • BSc or BA degree in Computer Science, Engineering or other relevant area; graduate degree in Data Science or other quantitative field is preferred

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