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AI Engineer

Los Angeles, CA
Entry level
About You

You are a highly motivated, roll-up-your-sleeves engineer who loves to build from the ground up. You have strong conviction in the potential of AI to transform industries and want to be a part of that transformation. You have high levels of energy and curiosity, and are looking for colleagues with the same!

About The Role

We’re looking for a talented engineer to help build our best-in-class AI wealth technology platform. An ideal candidate has a deep understanding of emerging technology around LLMs, including API integrations, in-context learning workflow, and fine-tuning.

🛠 Responsibilities + Developing and executing an AI roadmap that aligns with business goals + Implementing end-to-end AI feature delivery - from technical design and development to testing, deployment, documentation, and maintenance + Actively manage data and increase relevancy of vector search through strategic embeddings + Working in close collaboration with our full team, including design, product & business + Staying updated on the latest trends in AI, including emerging prompting techniques and AI agent construction + Contributing innovative ideas for future development + Helping to recruit and hire other AI/ML engineers and data scientists as we scale

🙌 Qualifications + Degree in Computer Science, AI/ML, or a related field + At least 3 years of hands-on experience with software engineering and at least one year specifically with large language models such as GPT, LLAMA, BERT, or Transformer-based architectures OR 3+ years working more generally in AI/ML + Detailed understanding and experience with the in-context learning workflow (Data preprocessing / embedding -> Prompt construction / retrieval -> Prompt execution / inference) + Familiarity with emerging prompting techniques (CoT, ToT, Zero/Few-shot prompting etc.) + Familiarity with building AI agents, particularly with langchain's agents, memory, and chain modules + Thorough understanding and experience with functions API + Ability to test and design generative AI performance and reliability measures + Proficiency in Python, JavaScript, or similar + Excellent communication skills

✨ You are likely a good fit if you + Love unstructured, small startup work environments and can thrive under a high degree of ambiguity and autonomy + Have a strong, intrinsically motivated work ethic and bias for fast shipping + Are just as excited to code and build as to do higher-level thinking and ideating + Are enthusiastic about the vertical applications of AI/LLMs and/or consumer fintech in particular + Want to work in-person in LA the majority of the time or be willing to travel to work regularly in LA

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Posted 5 months ago

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