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AI Engineer

New York, NY
Mid-Senior level

ML/AI Engineer

Full time

New York NY (Onsite)

Help build the leading platform for machine learning & AI in the enterprise.

Design, code, and implement elegant, scalable, enterprise-quality AI application services powered by machine learning models.

Work to enhance developer velocity and team agility.

Build strong relationships and collaborate with platform and UI engineers, quality engineers, UX designers, as well as, Product Management, Field Engineering, and other external partners.

We Are Excited About You If You Have....

5+ years of experience with building AI applications with machine learning models using data science and machine learning tools (Python, Tensorflow, Spark, mlflow, R, etc.).Experience with foundation models, prompt engineering, fine-tuning, semantic search and Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) using vector databases such as Pinecone, Milvus, etc.Experience with Generative AI frameworks (LangChain, Guidance, etc.).Experience building and deploying Generative AI applications.Experience building scalable, robust and secure Enterprise applications.Self-driven and motivated, with a strong sense of ownership and craftsmanship.Strong written and verbal communication skills.

Key informations

Posted 2 months ago

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