Top 5 Data Analyst Bootcamp in the US

What's the role of a Data Analyst?

Data analysts are high-level professionals responsible for managing and analyzing "big data". The full time job of these specialists in numbers, statistics, and computer programs handle a company's data to extract information that can help it make decisions. Data analysis is used in a variety of industries, including among others, healthcare, finance, public policies, teaching, telecommunications, marketing, and a lot of other industries or activity sectors.

Unlike the data scientist, who has a cross-functional vision, the data analyst takes charge of a specific type of data. These professionals combine a triple skill set: statistical and IT expertise, knowledge of databases and IT, and business experience in their sector of activity (e.g. marketing, finance).

These jobs require rigor and organization because the monitoring of the company's data is done regularly according to very targeted procedures. Of course, you must be passionate about numbers and statistics and respect confidentiality rules because the data handled by the data analyst and data scientist are essentially sensitive and strategic.

How to become a Data Analyst?

Data analytics is with no doubt one of the most demanded positions in today technologies and IT as well as in various industries. Indeed, many enterprises across the world and in multiple kind of activities are hiring and looking for the best data analysts.

It is therefore very important for data analysts to continuously train mastering the latest technological developments and gain new skills. So let’s talk about bootcamps.

The basic working and personal skills required to engage in a career path and become a data analyst are various and multiple. The first ones relates to analytical and problem-solving, as well as basic curiosity. Follows then motivation, hard work and resilience that you have to keep in mind to stay determinate to achieve them.

Data Analyst bootcamp: What is it?

An immersive data science bootcamp will give you the skills, knowledge, tools, and confidence to launch a career in this growing industry. From python to machine learning and beyond, you will learn a mix of programming, math, and applied data skills to help you excel in your work. Dive into python and learn about fundamental tools such. Build your foundation in probability and statistics, and learn how to access and retrieve datasets and extract key information.

Learn how to clean and structure complex data sets. Apply different data manipulation techniques to prepare certain types of files. Discover how to turn your data into shareable information with data visualization. Learn the most popular tools and learn how to select the best tools to convey the story you want to tell. Machine learning is at the heart of applied data science, and you will learn how to build machine-learning models from the ground up, including data preparation, dimension reduction, optimization, and evaluation.

Learn how to improve data quality and move models into production and deployment. Develop data engineering pipelines and machine learning deployment. Dive into deep learning techniques and discover the highly connected neural networks that drive performance. Learn how to identify the appropriate neural network architecture for a given problem and data set.

A data science bootcamp is then the ideal platform for a beginning a career path in data analysis whatever in analytical projecting in the financial sector or high-level data analysis to solve practical problems.

But as they may propose different specific knowledge aspects, technical skills, and particular points, it can be quite difficult to find the one that correspond the most to your own professional aspirations. The following lines have the purpose to help you in this task by listing the top five data analyst bootcamp in the United States.

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Top 5 Data Analyst bootcamp in the US

The list below is structured alphabetically, not hierarchically, according to the quality of the learning program.

Berkeley data analytics

Intended for candidates of intermediate-advanced level, the Berkeley Data Analytics bootcamp focuses on facilitating candidates to efficiently use data to formulate better business decisions in a specific context and moment.

Specialized data science skills, business intelligence software, front-end visualization, or big data analysis are the main threads developed in this 24 weeks bootcamp of a price around $13000.

Data analyst bootcamp by Springboard

Focusing on the fundamentals of strategic thinking and problem-solving via data, the Data Analyst Bootcamp by Springboard is built for modern business analysis. It gives you precious knowledge about structured thinking, relating data with SQL, data visualization with python, and communicating analysis. It is designed for intermediate-advanced level candidates through a duration of six months for a price of $5 500.

Data camp

Designed for beginners to advanced level, Data Camp allows you to choose your own program data science skills acquisition. You can indeed personalize your experience of knowledge the way you want to in order to reinforce or built a specific expertise. The courses are remote to be accessible when you want in order to let you acquire skills at your own pace.

Lambda school

If you are a beginner in data science and analytics program, the program of Lambda School is what you need. You will in particular be learning about data analytics and coding and acquire the necessary knowledge and tools to become a data analyst. The program focuses on the basics data science, data analytics, and coding. Lambda School is free and has a duration of twenty hours.

Online data analytics course by General Assembly

Very good for beginners, the Online Data Analytics Course by General Assembly is a basic data prearrangement and analysis course in the applied analytics domain. Data transformation and data translation are the main elements in which candidates will focus through industry-standard tools. The duration is of 1 week to 48 days for a price around $4000.

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The ratio of hired Data Analysts is expected to grow by 25% from 2020 to 2030 (Bureau of Labor & Statistics).
Data Analyst is and will be one of the most in-demand jobs for the decade to come.
16% of all US jobs will be replaced by AI and Machine Learning by 2030 (Forrester).

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