Top 7 Best Data Analyst Certifications

When done correctly, data analytics may help you make informed choices. Achieving a goal may be done most effectively and efficiently by gathering, cleaning, and evaluating data. It's no surprise that many people in the data industry, both newcomers and veterans alike, have trouble deciding which qualification or credential to pursue. What kind of certification or degree should you pursue? Which are the most suitable for your current education and job experience?

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

Learn the basics of data science and what it takes to become a data scientist with IBM's Data Science Professional Certificate, one of the best data analyst certification. You will acquire the mindset of a data specialist and the ability to deal with various popular languages and software.

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The IBM training program examines the data environment from a broader perspective, going beyond analytics to explore the many potential avenues open to data scientists.

This certificate may be used as credit toward a BSc. in Computer Science, and it does not need any previous understanding of the course.

Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

Data analytics is a growing field. Google's Professional Certificate, one of the best data analyst certification, promises to be your ticket into the field with as little hassle as possible by teaching you the skills employers are looking for.

There's no need for prior expertise in data analysis to enjoy this interactive learning environment, which is stuffed with various learning opportunities, such as hands-on projects that will show you what it's like to work with data in practice.

Upon successful completion, you will receive a Google certification that will look great on any resume.

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CompTIA Data Analytics Plus Certification

An entry-level professional's mastery of reporting, data mining, manipulation, and many more are highlighted by earning the CompTIA Data+ credential. The certification is a great way for people with roughly two years of experience to set themselves apart from the competition in the job market.

This credential requires you to get above 675 on a test consisting of 90 questions. The CompTIA Data Analyst exam requires candidates to have at least 1.5 years of involvement in an analyst or reporting role. During this time, they were exposed to analytical tools, statistics, databases, and the fundamentals of data visualization.

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Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst Associate

This Microsoft certification validates a candidate's knowledge of Power BI, a tool for visualizing data for corporate analytics. The Power BI Data Analyst Associate certification is ideal for people who want to highlight their superior analytical skills and the significance they can bring to firms and are already well-versed in data repositories and processes.

Only individuals comfortable with data repositories and procedures should aim for this certification. The minimum score required to get this credential is 700.

Several educational institutions and organizations offer low-cost or no-cost certification programs and in-person classes taught by qualified professionals. The price of the exam is $165.

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Springboard Data Analytics Certification

Those with at least two years of professional experience and demonstrated problem-solving ability are ideal candidates for Springboard, best certification for data analyst.

If you have some background in the sector but desire to make a career change, this online, supervised course is great since it gives you the freedom to work at your own pace and guarantees employment security. Springboard also provides an Introduction to Business Analytics course for those who don't quite meet the cut.

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Cloudera Data Analyst Certification

This curriculum will assist you in improving your data abilities if you are currently employed in an analytical role. It is intended for those in data analysis, development, system architecture, and database administration who desire to gain expertise in working with big data and obtain a credential in the field.

You'll need to be comfortable working on the Linux command line and have some experience with SQL and python.

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Amazon Web Service (AWS) Certification

The competence to plan, construct, and manage analytic solutions on AWS is validated by the Amazon Web Service Analytics credential, considered as one of the best data analyst certification.

This certification is intended for experienced professionals who have worked in their field for at least half a decade and who are familiar with cloud projects and using Amazon Web Service data lakes to get discernment from data.

To earn this certificate, you must score at least 70% on Amazon's exam, which entails 65 questions split evenly between several choices and short-answer formats. Candidates should have at least two years of practical experience with AWS and half a decade of expertise with mutual data science technologies, according to Amazon's recommended qualifications for taking the test.

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There is an associated fee of $300 for the certification test.

Final thoughts on the best Data Analyst certification

A professional certification or license demonstrates your skills and knowledge to potential and present employers. Use Cloudera's adaptable online learning platform to sharpen your analytical abilities.

Participants in Google's certificate program don't need any previous knowledge or dedicated degree to enter the field, as the program is tailored to those just starting.

Students enrolled in the four-month-long Amazon Web Service Fundamentals Specialization from AWS will learn how to leverage core AWS services effectively across various professional contexts.

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The ratio of hired Data Analysts is expected to grow by 25% from 2020 to 2030 (Bureau of Labor & Statistics).
Data Analyst is and will be one of the most in-demand jobs for the decade to come.
16% of all US jobs will be replaced by AI and Machine Learning by 2030 (Forrester).

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