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About Data Analyst Internships

All businesses and organizations must rely on specific data to make critical decisions. This data is used to point out other business problems that need to be looked into.

A data analyst is responsible for gathering and interpreting data to solve certain organisational problems. They are also responsible for passing any data concerning the business to the leadership of the organisation and other stakeholders. Therefore, this is a role in high demand and requires you to be well conversant with how to interpret any kind of data.

A data analyst intern is a staff member temporarily employed to provide support to a company's data analytical operations for a limited time. These internships usually allow interns to gain abilities and working experience that will help them when they get permanently employed. With the help of data analysis tools, an intern should be able to examine information that will aid employers in making essential decisions for a company.

They also put down reports and give them to the company's management so that they know which areas need improvement and other important details. A data analyst can be employed in banks, consultancies, or specialist software development companies.

A data analyst uses technical abilities to examine data and report insights. Generally, a data analyst may use skills like:

  • Structured Query Language (SQL) to collect data from a database.
  • Programming to help analyse that data.
  • Communication to present their findings.

However, there are more important ones that can help data analysts do their work efficiently. They include:

  • Cleaning and preparation of data
  • Analysis and exploration of data
  • Statistical knowledge
  • Data visualization creation
  • Dashboards and reports creation
  • Writing and communication
  • Domain knowledge
  • Problem-solving

However, it's worth mentioning that the abilities you need depend on your field of work.

There are a few steps to follow to land a data analyst internship. They are;

  • Building an online presence - before applying for a role, it is actually better to build an online presence. You can create a document website and put your sample projects where potential employers can find them and find it worth employing you. You can share or find articles on sites like Twitter. Such sites are a great way to learn about companies you may find interesting to work for.
  • Do thorough research - Good research will help you find out positions that are out there open for application.
  • Write a list of applications - Searching for internships is not an easy task. But you can make it easier by making a list of applications. Research well on all the information you should include on application forms to easily catch the eyes of a potential employer.
  • Prepare your cover letter and resume - After application, some companies may require you to send a resume and a cover letter. Again, do good research to know what is required in the resume and cover letter. Some companies might want you to do it their way, so you should pay attention to that.
  • Patience! - Waiting for a response is the hardest part of any application. Some companies may give you feedback as soon as possible; others may take some time, while others might never even respond. Be prepared for what may come on your way.
  • Finally, interview - Getting invited to an interview is always great news. Prepare well by ensuring you are well-informed about general data science themes, topics, and statistics knowledge.

If you are planning on growing your career in data analysis, having a data analyst certification should be on your bucket list. Some data analyst certifications include:

  • Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate
  • Microsoft data analyst associate certification
  • IBM Data Science Professional Certificate
  • AWS Certified Data Analytics
  • SAS Statistical Business Analyst Professional Certificate

To become a data analyst intern, you do not have to have a degree. But it would be best if you pursued a bachelor's degree in finance, economics or any other related course. However, some companies only consider graduated candidates.

Ideally, to become an intern, you should have some programming abilities, know how to work with specific data and internalize various statistical techniques.

You should be capable of seeing how all these methods can be put into practice in an organization or business. In fact, the best thing is to try acquiring these basic skills even before your internship. With this, you'll make a great impression, for this is a chance to audition for an internship full time or work life.

Some general questions you might be asked in a data analyst interview include;

  1. In your own words, what is the job of Data Analyst?
  2. What was the most challenging or successful data analysis project you ever did?
  3. Which data analysis tools are frequently used?
  4. How can you explain technical ideas to a non-technical audience?
  5. Describe the process for cleaning data
  6. How strong are your communication skills?
  7. What are your long-term goals?

According to research by The Bureau of Labour and Statistics, the number of data analysts is expected to grow by 25% in the 2020-2030 decade. This represents a sudden increase in this field compared to other professions. During this period, it is expected that there will be over 10,000 open chances for qualified data analysts.