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St Petersburg, FL
The Southeast For-Hire Integrated Electronic Reporting (SEFHIER) program uses electronic reporting to collect data on catch and effort from all for-hire vessels (~ 3,500) with federal for-hire permits for reef fish, coastal migratory pelagics, dolphin wahoo, and snapper-grouper in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean (Maine to Texas). For-hire industry members requested electronic reporting, and the Gulf and South Atlantic Fishery Management Councils approved this as an amendment to fishery management plans. The SEFHIER program began data collection in January 2021. This position is FULLY REMOTE.

Data Analyst Tasks and Deliverables

Analyze R data and/or develop SQL queries to retrieve SEFHIER data for analysis

  • Use R code on SEFHIER files to produce reports, statistics, summaries, and figures to fulfill Council stakeholder or SEFHIER Program Manager requests
  • Write SQL queries to pull in data from Oracle database for analytical tasks
  • Investigate data for quality (e.g., anomalies, outliers, repeated, missing, mismatched, or null data)
  • Develop R code to look for trends, patterns, and summaries
  • Document all R code and SQL queries for clarity including stepwise notes in the code itself to ensure usability and replicability by other team members
  • In coordination with the NOAA PL, develop metrics based on FHIER system outputs related to activity and productivity to establish measures of effectiveness (MOEs) at the program level and prepare MOE summary reports in a format approved by the NOAA PL to include but not limited to:
  • Overall correspondence trends (common issues, questions, errors etc. identified while communicating with constituents/as documented in work logs)
  • Month-over-month view of errors by type of error (i.e., how many errors are in FHIER at the beginning of the month by type, how errors are in FHIER by the end of the month by type, and the total errors resolved by type)
  • Prepare activity summary reports (minimum monthly basis) in a format approved by the NOAA PL showing Contractor time on task trends for reporting period based on submitted monthly reports to include but not limited to:
  • Month-over-month view of activities by user (compliance metrics split by assigned and overridden; logbook metrics split by logbook edits, notification edits, and no fish edits; summary of each page accessed including total of all pages accessed; other relevant activity metrics as determined by the Contractor and/or by the NOAA PL)
  • Total time on task per Contractor per task
  • Average time on task across Contractors per task

In coordination with Contractor Program Manager and NOAA PL, make recommendations on work allocations based on activity reports to ensure an equitable distribution of labor, highlighting instances of high and low performance and identifying cause(s) for performance differences

Present analytical findings

  • Share R code analyses outputs, findings with SEFHIER Program Manager
  • Provide and review code and outputs with the program manager and/or any pertinent staff. SEFHIER Program Manager will share necessary information (e.g. missing data) with the program software vendors, as needed
  • Assist in completing figures/graphs to fulfill data/analytical requests
  • Document analyses in clear plain language for memos, amendments, or other policy documents following documentation guidelines provided by or agreed upon with the SEFHIER Program Manager

Attend meetings

  • Attend SEFHIER meetings when working
  • Show up to meetings on time, participate, and ask relevant questions as needed
  • Review meeting notes for accuracy and provide detailed and accurate information when requested

Monitor Validation Error Report

  • Monitor existing validation error reports in the system
  • Assist with modifications of validation reports or in the creation of new reports as new data errors are identified
  • Provide input to SEFHIER Program Manager on trip validation error reports
  • Ensure SEFHIER Program Manager is informed of all validation errors
  • Work cooperatively with auditing team to focus outgoing phone calls on any new or existing validation errors
  • Suggest helpful database queries to enhance analyzing and reviewing data for management action, compliance, and reporting

Communication, Outreach, and Customer service

  • Answer phone calls during assigned duty hours on the customer service line and provide immediate responses to customer inquiries
  • Refer calls, or offer call-backs, to the appropriate contact as needed
  • Respond to voicemails and emails within 24 hours of receipt (by the next business day for messages received on Friday or on a holiday)
  • Provide information in response to customer requests using appropriate policy, regulatory, or guidance documents, FHIER information, and the API error message dashboard
  • Document all calls or emails in the SEFHIER correspondence module; information includes, but not limited to, customer name, vessel, concern, and resolution
  • Provide information to outreach coordinator for communications with internal and external customers within time frames given for each task
  • Ensure that the agency messages are used during communications with customers and abide by NMFS/SERO policies, regulations, or guidance
  • Keep SEFHIER manuals up to date with latest policy and procedures


  • Answer calls or return calls during regular duty hours (0800-1800 ET)
  • Respond to emails as needed within 24 hours of inquiry
  • For controversial emails, works with program manager on response
  • Record Q&A log sheet

Job Requirements

  • Advanced (6+ years) R statistical language proficiency for data analysis, including, the knowledge within R to:
  • Import, export, and combine flat files into R
  • Investigate/explore files for data anomalies, repetitive, missing, mismatched or null data
  • Quantify numeric and alphabetical entries, for trends, inconsistencies and relationships
  • Produce replicable code and outputs; tabulate/prepare data for use in analyzing patterns and ways of representing patterns
  • Produce figures in R to visualize data, and synthesize information from multiple flat files
  • Work independently to monitor the data
  • Masters degree in data analytics, statistics, or similar quantitative degree
  • Proficient with writing SQL queries to retrieve data from a relational database system
  • Ability to perform analysis/statistics and produce intelligence planning data analysis reports, compliance reports, communication activities, trouble-shooting data issues, and solutions reporting
  • Review code and outputs with SEFHIER Program Manager and/or other program staff
  • Ability to download validation error reports from Oracle user interface (FHIER database) and provide directive to SEFHIER Program Manager on where major data issues reside and where QAQC calls should focus
  • Build and maintain positive working relationships with co-workers, Center development staff, and OLE personnel
  • Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills, ability to deal with challenging personalities.


  • Knowledge of Gulf and Atlantic fisheries
  • Knowledge of fishery management processes (e.g., fishery management councils, fishery management plan amendments)
  • Experience working directly with the fishing community.

Job Details

  • Remote
  • Flexible hours of operation unless covering the general SEFHIER customer call center queue or VMS call center queue - 8 am to 4:30 pm eastern, Monday through Friday.
  • No travel


About Lynker

Lynker is a growing, Hub-zone certified small business specializing in professional, scientific and technical services. Our continually expanding team combines scientific expertise with mature, results-driven processes and tools to achieve technically sound, cost effective solutions in hydrology/water sciences, geospatial analysis, information technology, resource management, conservation, and management and business process improvement.

We focus on putting the right people in the right place to be effective. And having the right people is critical for success. Our streamlined organization enables and empowers our talented professionals to tackle our customers' scientific and technical priorities - creatively and effectively.

Lynker offers a team-oriented work environment, competitive salaries and benefits, and the opportunity to work in a culture of exceptionally skilled and diverse professionals who embrace sound science and creative solutions.

Lynker is an E-Verify employer.

Lynker is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages women, minorities, individuals with disabilities and veterans to apply.

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